1 = class, class, cluster, kind, nature, schedules, the, sort, type, schedule, table, ilk, class standing.
Ex. The following highlights are what this first class of Fellows recall of their time overseas.
Ex. A class is a set of things which share some property, or characteristic, in common.
Ex. Various other methods of obtaining clusters have been described, including the use of fuzzy sets, but these are beyond the scope of this book.
Ex. Document descriptions may be drafted for a wide variety of different kinds of library material, but some common principles can be established.
Ex. Since all of the headings are alphabetical words, it is possible to interfile entries regardless of the nature of their heading.
Ex. The list of terms, representing concepts systematically arranged and showing their relationships, constitutes the schedules of a classification scheme.
Ex. Thoughts of this sort kept running about like clockwork mice in his head, while the murmur of chatter filled the room and outside dusk had yielded to black night.
Ex. There are a number of types of abstracts or labels that can be applied to abstracts.
Ex. We have now established all the information that we need to enable us to construct a schedule, or table, in a given subject area.
Ex. We have now established all the information that we need to enable us to construct a schedule, or table, in a given subject area.
Ex. Perhaps she would be well advised to read that book and others of its ilk to see if she could learn something about surviving in the corporate world.
Ex. Social distance, the aloofness and unapproachability of persons of different social strata, is both a symbol of class standing.
* análisis multidimensional de clases = multidimensional cluster analysis.
* área de datos específicos de la clase de documento = material (or type of publication) specific details area.
* clase acomodada = nob.
* clase alta = upper class.
* clase anterior = anterior numeral class.
* clase baja = lower class, the.
* clase business = business class.
* clase capitalista = capitalist class.
* clase fénix = Phoenix schedule.
* clase general = containing class.
* clase gobernante, la = ruling class, the, ruling elite, the.
* clase intelectual = intellectual class.
* clase marginada = underclass.
* clase media = middle class.
* clase media alta = upper-middle class.
* clase obrera = working class.
* clase política = political class.
* clase principal = main class.
* clases altas, las = upper circles, the.
* clases auxiliares = auxiliaries.
* clases inferiores, las = lower orders, the.
* clase social = social class.
* clase superior = brahmin.
* clase trabajadora = working class, labouring class.
* clase turista = economy class.
* con toda clase de comodidades = with all mods and cons.
* con toda clase de lujos = with all mods and cons.
* correo de primera clase = first class post.
* cultura de la clase alta = high culture.
* cultura de la clase baja = low culture.
* cultura de la clase media = middlebrow culture.
* de primera clase = first class, first-rate, tip-top.
* de segunda clase = second-rate.
* designación específica de la clase de documento = specific material designation.
* designación general de la clase de documento = general material designation.
* de una clase social superior = above + Posesivo + class.
* dimensión de clase = class dimension.
* fuera de clase = out-of-class.
* identidad clase-tipo = type-token identity.
* lucha de clases = class warfare.
* modelo en su clase = showpiece.
* notación de clase = class notation.
* política de clases = class politics.
* prejuicio de clases = class prejudice.
* relación clase-tipo = type-token ratio.
* sin clases sociales = classless.
* sistema de clases sociales = class system.
* subdivisión dentro de una clase = link, step of division.
* toda clase de = all sorts of.
* una clase de = a kind of.

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